Make Best-Cooked Ham by Following these Tips

What can be more exciting than enjoying homemade baked ham with your family and friends on the weekend?

Baked ham with brown sugar and spice is a perfectly sweet and salty holiday dinner that bakes in 90 minutes. If your ham is boneless, you can use leftover meat in potato soup or as an ingredient in any other meal.

Baked ham with brown sugar is the perfect dish to enjoy on the weekend. You can decorate ham with pineapple bean sauce or add a brown sugar coating to it.

If you do not have brown sugar for the glaze, you can use white sugar instead. However, even though turkey gets the reputation of being the hardest meat to cook, it can also be hard to bake a whole ham. Preparing a best-cooked ham is not easy. 

The majority of people buy hams from grocery stores that are already fully cooked and cured. So, when it comes to heating ham, what can possibly go wrong. Well, cooking ham at too high a flame can dull its flavors, leading out to a dry ham that lacks flavors and juiciness.

There are various mistakes that people make while cooking the ham. The people who make ham at home can follow some of these tips to make the best-cooked ham that is flavorful, succulent, and juicy.

Understand the Difference in Hams

At the grocery store, you will find various types of pre-cooked and cured hams. The hams that are salted and cured will also be available. You can also find boneless ham and the ones with middle bone that are usually pre-sliced.

You can ask the butcher about the type of ham you should buy depending upon your holiday hosting scenario. For example, boneless ham usually has more flavors, and if you are not a master at cooking ham, it is better to buy a pre-cooked ham so that you won’t have to prepare ham from scratch.

Thick and Thin Slices

If you select the country ham route, cutting thick slices will lead to hard pieces of meat, and it won’t be juicy and flavorful.

Do not Buy Ham with More Water Content
Buying ham with more water will save you money, but you will miss out on flavors. Look for the product while buying it. Avoid ham with more water added.

Most hams sold in the supermarket are already sealed and vacuum-packed. If there is liquid in the pack, it means it is packed for a long time.

Avoid purchasing the ham that is cloudy, and when you get the ham back, open it from the pack and rinse it under cold running water to wash excess salt.

Do Not Forget to Remove Ham from Pack

Plastic in the oven is not a good idea. Make sure to remove the ham from the packaging it comes in. Though people usually remove the packaging before putting something in the oven, it is important not to miss this step.

Score Your Ham Deeply

Crisscrossing on the top of the ham with the help of a knife is a good idea. It can help the glaze seep in so that maple juice or brown sugar flavors are good deep inside. However, slicing out too deeply can dry out the ham. Score about ¼ inch into the ham and cook it low and slow to prepare the best-cooked ham.

Do Not Leave You, Ham, Without Cover            

Uncovered ham dries out quickly. Don’t forget to cover the ham with aluminum foil or an oven bag. The ham should be covered for at least half of the cooking time and only remove the cover during the last half of the glazing process.

While foiling the ham, if you use it over a bag, that would be even better. The air in the oven is dry, which can result in dryness of ham but present in the oven bag will cook more gently. Cooking the ham in an over bag traps the juices and creates a tasty flavor.

Do Not Cook at High Temperature

If you are buying pre-cooked ham, do not cook it at a high temperature. Keeping the temperature high can dry out the ham. While cooking the ham at a low temperature will make the ham juicier and more flavorful. It is recommended to cook the ham at a temperature between 275- and 300-degree Fahrenheit.

Also, serve the ham when it’s hot. Cold-cooked ham can taste good on sandwiches but not on the dinner table. The ham should have a temperature of at least 145°F when served on the dinner table.

Moreover, keeping your ham in the oven for too long can dry it out. If you are buying a fully cooked ham, heat your ham for 10 minutes per pound.

Let the Ham Rest

Ham usually has a lot of water, which is why when the ham is cut, the water moves to the surface. Letting the ham rest for some time allows the moisture to reabsorb. Give ham at least 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

Removing the Skin of Ham

The majority of people remove the skin of ham, but the skin gives a great crispy texture to the soft meat. So do not remove the skin to get it crispy.

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