Top 7 Occasions When Indians Choose To Gift Cakes

Celebrations indicate different things in different societies. Indians, who are usually known to be very traditional in the way they want gifts have provided some innovative approaches. The trends of gifting are increasingly changing from a welcome garland to a rose boutonniere, sweets to cakes, hand-knitted sweaters to fashion garments, & such examples are growing by the day.

Most occasions are associated with a variety of gifts which determines thought to be excellent for the event. Here are some occasions when Indians prefer to online cake order in Hyderabad to their loved ones through online stores.

Birthday Presents or cakes

The cake is the chief show-stopper of a birthday party. People ordinarily think that cakes is the fittest gifting choice for a birthday party. It does not mean whether you are going to commemorate the birthday of a kid or an adult, birthday cakes are eternally the ideal gift for the occasion. You can customize the cakes according to the individual the present is meant for. If you are going to a kid’s birthday function, you should take their favorite cartoon cakes or Barbie cakes to make the kid happy. On another hand, at the birthday bash of an adult, a simplistic and decent is an excellent gift.

Wedding cakes

When two people tie the knot, it’s the moment to rejoice! One of the most preferred gifts on this occasion is a cake. Indians love to watch the ongoing gifting trends, So, online wedding cakes in India are remarkably popular. Some of the preferences are multiple layered or tiered cakes embellished with fondant and trimmed with good floral wreaths. The color scheme that’s usually chosen for this occasion is soft colors, nothing too exciting.

Valentine’s Day

It will not be fair to say only Indians want to send cakes to their partners on Valentine’s Day because most maximum of the world follows a similar trend. Valentine’s Day cakes are quite famous; after all, it’s made for a loving relationship that turns more winsome as years pass by! It goes without telling, romantic ideas work out great on Valentine’s Day cakes. A treat for a spouse, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or any loved one, in every corner of the country people enthusiastically cake delivery online on February 14. Appreciations to e-gift shops, it’s so mild and quick!

Diwali cakes

Diwali is the festival of lights; Indians commemorate the festival with loads of lights and various types of sweets. Gifting close friends & relatives at the time of Diwali is an essential part of the celebration. At that time, Diwali cakes were utilized as a gifting option; people ordinarily think gifting a cake on occasion was scattering happiness among their loved ones. Individuals are pleased to receive a beautiful cake at the festival of lights in India.

Mother’s Day cakes

Indians are increasingly incorporating western celebrations into their lives. Special celebrations which were quiet earlier are being enthusiastically seen with cards, gifts, & dinner. A mother holds a very special spot in every child’s heart. Western countries have been honoring Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May for a long but for Indians, it’s something pretty new. Indian’s have forever been known for their versatility and ability to accommodate new cultures. Mother’s Day has become a traditional celebration in the country when sons & daughters send charitable gifts to their mothers not missing out on that thoroughly delicious cake.

Gifting at HouseWarming Party

Indians are recognized around the globe for commemorating each small occasion. Sweets are the main element of every function in the country. People adore having dessert after the meal, so, the host of the party has ordered varieties of delicious dishes for the guests. Individuals in the country celebrate their new home by giving a housewarming party in the new home. On that occasion, the guests ordinarily prefer new home cakes as a classic gifting option for the host. There are plenty of designs available in online stores to give on every occasion.

Gifts for an Engagement Party

Nowadays, people are hosting a grand party at their engagement to which many guests are invited. If you as a guest are concerned about what to present in a friend’s engagement ceremony, you should go for engagement cakes to gift the couple. Because complimenting a couple with a rich and embellishing cake is beautiful. As a well-wisher, you can gift a cake for the twosome, which is budget-friendly and perfect for the occasion.

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