Causes of Car Corrosion

Corrosion is a physicochemical process in which oxygen and water react on the metal surface. The result of corrosion is pretty evident by the transformation of metal into chemically stable oxides and salts. Rust is the byproduct of corrosion. Almost all the car’s metal parts are susceptible to corrosion. It often appears in the area of damaged paintwork (chips from stones, deep scratches to the metal, etc.).

A dirty car always has a high risk of corrosion since dust with moisture creates an electrolyte compound. As you know, corrosion spreads rapidly in the presence of electrolytes. This becomes especially true in the monsoon season of car use.

Corrosion can appear on some parts of the car’s body in the form of spots (localized corrosion). An example could be the contact corrosion that occurs at the joints of parts (spot welding, bolts and rivets). In addition, crevices and gaps in the car body, where most of the moisture can accumulate, provide a breeding ground for corrosion.

Humidity in the air and pollution from industrial gases and exhaust, chemicals, as well as, dust affect atmospheric corrosion. Thus car owners living in industrial areas with high levels of air pollution have a high chance of getting troubled with corrosion.

Corrosion has a deadly effect on a car’s body, it can easily destroy the decorative properties of the paintwork, as well as weakens the metal. If a car owner ignores the corrosion problem for a long time, it can deteriorate the body’s strength and load-bearing elements. The best way to keep a check on the corrosion level of your car, contact car repair services that can perform complete body diagnostics.

How to prevent corrosion?

The best way to deal with corrosion is by preventing its occurrence in the first place since it can be troublesome to deal with it. In the majority of cases, you need to remove the rusted area and weld in repair inserts or replace the entire part as a whole.

Timely restoration of anti-gravel and anti-corrosion coatings with regular paintwork maintenance will help extend the body’s life and prevent corrosion.

Lastly, we would like to give the following recommendations and advice:

  • Make a habit of washing your car every once a week or two, especially during the rainy season, when your car needs to deal with multiple corrosive elements on the roads.
  • While washing the car, do not forget to wash under the car and wheel arches.
  • Give priority to repair paint damage. If there is any sign of corrosion, fix them immediately. It can involve some laborious work like cleaning it with sandpaper, degrease and cover (brush over), so if you think you cannot perform such an operation, the most dependable way will be to use the best app for car repair.
  • Apply a wax protective layer.
  • Use anticorrosive material as needed to cover the bottom and arches.

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