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 Why Do We Need To Translate?

Or, to put it another way, how important is the quality of translations to my product or company? Is a translation professional or team so necessary? Is the translation not expensive (or very expensive)? What is the difference between a person who speaks languages ​​and a translator or interpreter these are common questions that I have faced in the development of my work? Organizations, groups, institutions, and in today’s world, companies are essentially both creators and users of translation. Compared to other trades, 

                                Translation has seen little progress and relatively little automation until recent times, and the “trade” of the translator has been considered a temporary job suitable for anyone with language skills, bilingual from birth, etc. Putting history aside, the enormous increase in commercial and cultural exchanges, a mass consumer society (from electronics to pharmaceutical products,), with global needs and interests, has created global information needs … which therefore have to reach numerous readership audiences.

 Abu Dhabi Translation Services

The quality in the translation of a text (or what is called “localization” of a product) is essential for the success of its use. It is taken for granted that computer operating systems must work in our language, as well as video games. The informative or commercial material of a product or service (automobile, insurance, drug, or music player) must be expressed in our language to be used properly. It is to be expected that when our companies and institutions represent us outside our borders, they will use experienced professionals to convey their message, sell or convince.

                                        Just as an architect does not necessarily master the terminology of an agronomist, nor a doctor that of a lawyer, a team of professional linguists, knowledgeable about technology, specializes in fields, some are closer to him than others. Thanks to the use of computer tools, a translation company will save you time and money reusing databases with previous translations, it will analyze the terminology of your product or service to standardize it. It will automate publishing processes so that every day you can publish more text on paper, on the web, or in any other medium so that you can communicate more quickly with a greater number of people in different parts of the world.

Always, for any type of service, it is essential to less intuit what the customer needs and provide a useful service.

Tip # 1: Don’t Try To Save Costs By Using Your Employees As Translators

Translation for the tourism sector is not something simple that just anyone can do. Contrary to what the author Niklas Schlappkohl exposes, relying on the organization’s own staff to translate a website is not always the best option. It is a false economy. Translation errors have cost those who have saved a couple of euros dearly.It is indeed supposed that an organization’s staff should have a better understanding of the terminology used by the organization itself,

                                As is the case in factories or manufacturing plants. Each organization calls things with its own twists and turns. What they do not know, quite possibly, are the techniques of managing terminology, style, how to manage multilingual projects, and of course, they are not “translators for everything”. His area of ​​expertise is another, not translations for the tourism sector. Anyone who speaks more than one language is aware of the difficulties of expressing himself with a high level of fluency in another. 

                                They tend to be precisely the most expert translators who have the best command of a language, even with an excellent accent, who most refuse to translate into a language other than their native language. Recall that a study carried out in France spoke of how translation errors in the French tourism industry cost the sector around € 12 million.

Tip # 2: Allow enough time to translate your project

Plan ahead and allow enough time for the translation phase of your web localization project. This should be part of the initial planning of the launch of any marketing campaign. When translating web content for a hotel, a good translator doesn’t just transfer the meaning of words from one language to another. He or she is trans creating the brand’s message into their own language. This requires understanding your brand first, which takes some time.

Tip # 3: Ask Your Translation Company To Handle Terminology Transparently

There is no worse waste of time than having several translators working on the same job and realizing that they use different terminology to designate the same thing. This can lead to somewhat bizarre confusions, as when in a translation for a hotel a translator simplifies the type of pool and it is no longer heated, or it is outdoors and does not say it, or introduces Anglicisms unnecessarily. “Pool” for example is a word widely used in German in recent times to designate swimming pool because it sounds very chic when. 

                    There is the word ” Schwimmbad«. And let’s not say when “sweet sauce tears” appear on their menu, which sounds very poetic in Spanish but is translated by English as “drops” rather than “tears.” If you decide to purchase the translation services of a translation company, where many translators may work, make sure that the company handles the terminology professionally. Translators can change over time, it is true, but if the translation company does its job well, it will establish a database of approved translations so that whatever the translator is, The terminology of the translations is managed uniformly and not We calla welcome glass of cava

                        A glass of cava. Have you faced these kinds of challenges when purchasing translation services? How has your experience been translating websites into other languages? Found a problem? How did you solve them? Did the location deliver the expected results? We would love to hear your advice on the localization of websites in the tourism industry.

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