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Recognizing Quality Translators

Saving is never money – today we explain what it means with the image next to this text. Apparently, the effort to find a quality translator in Dubai was not enough. Not even by an official body.

                        A mistranslated menu abroad might cost just a smile or a laugh – but in real professional life, it’s a waste of money that can be painful. So how do you know if a language and translation service the provider delivers what it promises? Here are some points to keep in mind. A good provider of professional language and translation services in Abu Dhabi generally stands out for the following points:

The Only Translator In Dubai

Only native speakers know all the subtleties of language and can guarantee the high and constant quality, almost 100%. It is therefore understood for a provider of quality language and translation services that a mother tongue translator must be chosen for the target language into which your texts are to be translated. Your translators have further proven experience in the subject matter that is important to you …

                        Do you have legal documents that you want to manage for business contacts with companies outside your borders? In this case, your translator must, of course, know the topics. Mistakes cost money and legal uncertainty. The same applies to manuals documenting machinery, instructions for medical equipment, etc. A professional translation service provider in UAE chooses the right specialist from its pool. Fast, reliable, with the necessary know-how for your industry.

Your Translators Use Common Software Tools For Terminology, Organization, And Project Management For Large Volumes

The constant use of always the same technical terms and expressions and corporate phrases is important – even for bulky documents or individual marketing documents. Management by the translator can only be ensured through the use of appropriate software – for example, translation memory systems and the like and with the use of terminology databases. Your service provider’s know-how in engineering language is also important – as well as know-how in handling the file formats you deliver as texts. DTP skills are also an advantage. Be careful with large documents – it is worth it for your Corporate Identity.

Asking – Rather Than Guessing

Experienced professionals work efficiently: they ask, before making mistakes and going in the wrong direction. Consider the demands, in this case, as in business life – a truly effective proof of competence and work. Nobody is perfect – not even the translators. Therefore, quality translators ensure their work, in many cases, with a double check – especially for the texts that will be published later. Of course, the target language, even for the second translator, is the mother tongue.

Guide To Choosing Translation Services In Dubai

Once you have chosen the supplier that appears most suitable for you and has entrusted a translation job, do not “leave it to itself”. The more complex the work entrusted, the more your presence will be necessary to guarantee the quality of the final product.

                                            Make available to your supplier all the material and all information that you think may be useful to better carry out his work: texts already translated or similar texts, illustrations, glossaries, definitions of any abbreviations or jargon, educational and technical material, or other information such as bibliographies or website references. Engage a competent person within your company who can act as a contact during the work. Remember that the best professional services don’t hesitate to ask their clients questions when something is unclear or they still need more information – make sure you can help them.

Abdul Dhabi Translation Services

Listen to any advice and suggestions from your translation service provider. It may happen that your original text contains components or references that it would not make sense to “translate” in a specific language, in particular when the communication is addressed to a particular geo-linguistic area. A text must not only be localized (adapted to the needs and cultural specifications of the target language and market) but sometimes it must be integrated with specific information that responds to the needs of that market.

                                For example, if a section of text is included in the presentation of a tourist location where addresses and times of religious functions are indicated, for some target markets it will be useful to modify or integrate this information with that relating to the religions widespread in these geo-linguistic areas. (It makes little sense to present to an Arabic-speaking audience a text where addresses and times are indicated only for the functions of the local Catholic Churches…).

Translation Company In Dubai

In particular, when it comes to material intended for public dissemination (advertising brochures, websites, manuals, etc.), a professional translator or agency may ask you if it is possible to include a reference to the author of the translation. Do not consider it just a way to “advertise”: it is instead a sort of “quality brand” which is offered to you at no additional cost and will only bring additional benefits to your image. 

                                For your service provider, it is in fact a demonstration of the commitment made in guaranteeing a quality product (its image and professionalism are directly involved), while for you it means showing the recipients of your communication that you have chosen to use. a professional service to guarantee the quality, correctness, and completeness of the information addressed to translation companies in Dubai.The closer the relationship between you and your service provider, the more refined and professional the final result will be. Creating a relationship based on mutual trust, respect and the collaboration will prove to be very useful both in the processing phase of the original text and in case you need to update the previously translated material at a later time or request its translation into other languages. 

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