What is Forex Trading? Defining your Market with 4 Suggested Topics for Learning

When someone tells you to answer What is Forex Trading?” The best answer is to give that person a list of suggested topics about the said market so they have an idea on the ins and outs of this field. But before doing such action, it also pays if you yourself have an idea on the possible things that they are about to learn.

Therefore, it is proper to study these topics in advance for the sake of the improvement of your skills as well as for a healthy discussion with people who share the same interest as yours. Below are some of the important topics about forex which you can try to research on:

1.Basic Forex

There are certainly a lot of available educational resources that talk about elementary forex but it would certainly be better if you are able to look for a complete set of resources that teaches the main principles of this trade. Sometimes there are websites that offer courses and considering an enrolment to a basic forex course would also be a good option if you have enough budget to do so.

If you are planning to take up a course, we strongly suggest that you look for a course that offers an almost complete package. Check the topics to be discussed and make sure that the course covers the majority if not all of the following topics. Definition and history of FX trading, Participants,trading hours and opening accounts, forex pairs, fundamental analysis,technical analysis, risk and reward ratio,trade examples and chart options. 

2. Looking for the Best FX Coach

This is another topic in FX trading which needs to be learned by every forex trading enthusiast. This course is not just applicable for newbies but even long term traders need to know how to look for the best coach who could give them accurate and sensible pieces of advice. 

3. Masterclass

This is a more advanced course compared to the basic forex course. With this course, you should expect that your mentor will teach you about the mastery of some techniques that you have learned in your basic class. Expect readings,discussions and demonstration of techniques such as day trading,swing trading, chart analysis and many more. 

4.  Trading Strategies Mastery

This topic is most likely taken by someone who is into advanced trading. In most sources, trading strategy materials depend on what strategy you wish to learn. Thus, it means that training and materials are centered per strategy. For instance, you are into  Automated Algorithmic Trading, then you can look for a material or course that gives you details on exact processes, methods, beliefs, tools and automations for this kind of trading.


The quest to answer the question ” What is forex trading?” requires someone to intently load oneself with knowledge on the most basic up to the most complicated theories and FX applications. This needs to be done because forex trading, in general, is a vast market that needs to be explored well in order to conquer it.

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