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Advantages Of Our Refrigerated Vehicle Rental System

Our refrigerated truck rental service in UAE has become one of the most demanded by our clients as it adapts much better to their needs and their pockets. But if you are still not very clear if it is worthwhile to carry out this type of contracting, perhaps this post can clarify your ideas since in it we tell you all the advantages of resorting to the renting of refrigerated trucks. Thus, you will have enough information to be able to opt for this or another of the modalities available in freezer truck rental.

Big Companies Choose It

At present, it is estimated that only 15% of small businesses opt for the renting service. However, more than 68% of large companies do so because, in addition to being a comfortable service, it is very profitable and economical for them. One of the main advantages of renting is that 100% of your spending can be deducted from the income tax return or in the corporation tax. Therefore, even if your business is more modest, you should not stop evaluating an option that, as you can see, is the favorite of many large companies due to the economic advantages it brings them.

Premium vehicles

On the other hand, in Gulf Cold Transport rentals there are no differences between the vehicles that we sell, rent or hire through renting: all of them are new or pre-owned vehicles, which have all the necessary features to carry out refrigerated transport with total quality. If you have a restaurant or a catering company, check out this option that can be very beneficial.

Vehicle substitution

Our renting service also offers complete vehicle maintenance, including a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown as well as a guarantee for the entire period of the contract.

Change, cancellation, and right to purchase

And if you still need more reasons to try this option, you should know that the renting service does not force you to use the same vehicle during the entire contracted period, but that you can change the type of vehicle group at any time, in addition to canceling the service or have the right to purchase once you have completed the rental contract.

In refrigerated truck rental, we know that one of the great challenges that companies like ours have to face is to change the mentality of many SMEs that still do not launch themselves to enjoy the economic, fiscal and logistical advantages that renting services have.

Undoubtedly, for small businessmen and self-employed workers, the option of renting chiller vans is very positive if we consider that they will avoid paying insurance, registration, taxes, maintenance, repairs … If your business needs this type of vehicle, why don’t you dare to try this modality? Call us!

A vehicle for each product

It should be noted that not all vehicles are suitable for transporting perishable goods since they must maintain the temperatures that they establish so that the properties of the food remain safe and suitable for consumption. For this reason and based on the rules we can differentiate different types of transport vehicles:

Isothermal vehicle: vehicle whose body is built with insulating walls, including doors, floor, and roof, which limits the exchange of heat between the interior and the exterior.

Refrigerated vehicle: an isothermal vehicle that, thanks to the fact that it has a cold source, makes it possible to lower the temperature inside the empty box, and then to maintain it for an average outside temperature of 30 ° C to -20 ° C as a maximum.

Freezer truck: chiller vehicle that incorporates a cold segregation device, and allows, with an average outside temperature of 30 ° C, to reduce the temperature inside the empty box and to keep it permanently between 12 ° C and -20 ° C, this depends on the type of vehicle.

Calorific vehicle: isothermal vehicle equipped with a device that generates heat, and that allows the temperature inside the empty box to be raised and then maintained for at least twelve hours, without refueling at a practically constant value and not less than 12 ° C.

The conformity control of special vehicles used in the international transport of perishable goods must be done before they are put into service and periodically thereafter.

The importance of refrigerated trucks

Many times, you have heard it but you do not know what a refrigerated truck is. It is a closed box model that is refrigerated, as its name suggests, and keeps the merchandise inside at a low temperature. Although there are different systems, the simplest consists of the incorporation of specific ice for this.

Just as we cannot live without a refrigerator to maintain and preserve the good condition of our food, we cannot do without a refrigerated truck in Dubai that allows us to transport products over long distances in UAE. To prevent the ice from melting inside the freezer truck, condensed and refrigerated nitrogen is used inside a cylinder. There is a valve that releases the steam and thus also manages to cool both the container and the food itself.

In refrigerated trucks, it is allowed to regulate the temperature so that, although there is a temperature of 25 or 40ºC outside, inside there may be temperatures of up to – 40ºC, although it is usual for it to range between – 35 and 22ºC. Refrigerated trucks seek to keep the cargo cold throughout the trip, which is why the merchandise must enter the truck already refrigerated, avoiding sudden changes in temperature.

Through these vehicles we can transport fresh food from one point to another in the territory, maintaining the properties we want and supplying with efficiency and professionalism. In addition, they are large-capacity vehicles, which is why a large amount of food and products can be transported.

At Gulf Cold Transport we offer you refrigerated trucks in Sharja of various models. If you are looking for one, don’t hesitate to trust the best.

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