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According to a survey, 40% of Muslims live in Canada. Many parents are afraid of their kid’s Islamic education. Since there are limited Islamic centers and mosques, educating your child regarding Islamic matters is a daunting task. If we talk specifically, Ontario contains the highest number the Muslim population. 

That’s one of the many reasons parents have switched to Online Quran teaching and optimize the education for their kids. However, if you’re currently living in Canada, then there’s certainly good news for you. You can hire a kids Quran tutor at an affordable rate.

To not let your kids suffer from the Islamic education, follow the simple steps, and infuse Quranic teachings in their daily lives. The below-mentioned guide ensures no matter wherever you’re living, online Quran classes for kids have got you covered. 

So let’s learn Quran online Canada and begin setting up your learning goals.

Why Do you Need Online Coaching?

Here are some of the great advantages that’s why you should prefer online Quran education rather than depriving your kids completely of Islamic studies.

Saves Time

Online Quran learning and education is one of the best ways to benefit from your home’. This style of learning augmented significantly after the Covid-19 struck. There’s nothing more comfortable than taking the classes at your flexibility. 

Online Quran learning allows you to set up your time and availability so you don’t miss the classes and stay punctual. More importantly, living in a country where you have access to minimum resources, online Quran classes can prove to be impactful for your kids.

Reasonable Packages

This is another great benefit you can expect when taking Quran lessons online. With a huge range of academies offering different courses, you can easily find suitable packages and courses for your kids to start learning the Holy Quran online. 

It doesn’t matter where you are from; the fees remain the same for every party. On top of that, if you’re short on budget then online, Quran academies are humble enough to allocate some discount for you.

Expertise in Quran Teaching

Getting taught from an expert teacher is an added benefit from Online Quran learning. Not only this, learning from a well-known and expert teacher will ensure smooth progress in your Quran learning. Above all, a smart teacher will make sure that you’re reciting the Quran with a clear tone, proper interpretation, and articulation of the Arabic text. Additionally, you have the options to choose from male or female Quran tutors based on your preferences.

How to Avail These Services In Toronto?

Follow the easy steps and get yourself enrolled in the online Quran classes for kids. 

Select the Course

From the wide range of courses, you need to choose the one for yourself or your kid to participate in. 

The course may include:

  • Recitation Course
  • Memorization Course
  • Translation Course
  • Tajweed Course
  • Basic Reading

Choose Package

After choosing the course, the next step talks about choosing the package. Primarily, the package comes within the three types. These types of packages include Basic, Advanced, and Family package.

Basic Package

This package is the most affordable and low-priced. The package will cost you somewhere around $45 that involves comprehensive classes. Last but not least, this package gives you an excellent opportunity to choose any course. When it comes to the duration period of classes, you can expect 12 classes of 30 minutes each.

Advanced Package

Here comes the best package especially, if you live in Toronto. Since this package costs 70$, the package has added benefits and facilities compared to the starter package. The advanced package contains 20 classes of 30 minutes per month.

Family Package

The family package is the last. This package will cost you around 120$ that involves a plethora of services and features. Relatively, this package includes the switching of an online Quran teacher in case you’re not satisfied with one. Also, the online classes duration is raised to 45 minutes per class.

Trial Classes

To assess the academy’s credibility and authenticity, you are allowed to take 3-day demo classes. So, if you find the Quran tutor’s teachings suitable for your learning, you may resume their services. Otherwise, you have a complete right to turn down the offer.

Send Payment

After you confirm the trial classes, payment is the last step. Many Quran schooling academies accept payment through:

  • Paypal
  • Western Union
  • Mastercard
  • Visa Card

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