Irrigation And Drainage – How To Choose The Irrigation System For Your Home Garden

Hot days are coming. Ensuring a good irrigation system for your home garden is essential to keep it beautiful and full of liveliness as it is at this time, the plants reach the peak of their water needs. Done Right helps you plan and choose the irrigation system for your home garden that best suits your needs.

For your garden to maintain the desired function and aesthetics, the irrigation water must be supplied in the amount necessary for each garden area. To ensure watering efficiency, opt for an automatic irrigation system planned and installed by professionals. In addition to being practical and autonomous, this solution allows you to manage the available water and adjust the irrigation dosage according to the needs of the plants.

Plan The Irrigation System

To get the most out of your irrigation system, it must adapt to the surface, terrain configuration, and vegetation type that requires irrigation. Therefore, before installing the irrigation system, make sure the garden is organized based on the water needs of each vegetation. This way, you will be sure that your plants will receive the right amount of water. In addition, with the proper irrigation system for each plantation, garden maintenance costs will be lower.

Save Water While Watering

As water is a scarce and expensive resource, saving water is a concern that must always be present in the planning of the irrigation system. Saving water during irrigation is possible using emitters and gazes and rainfall as close as possible to the amount of water that the soil can absorb.
Suppose you have doubts about the amount of irrigation water that the soil in your garden can absorb. In that case, this is no longer a problem since the irrigation system can be automated, incorporating one or more programmers, if you have several sectors or zones to be watered. Connected to a rainfall sensor, these programmers avoid wasting water as they measure, with some precision, the amount of water in the ground.

Choose The Irrigation System

The morphology of land may require different irrigation systems to irrigate the garden in a global way. Since this is a task that may raise doubts when choosing, seek help from the professionals in Done Right who will show you the right irrigation system for your garden. These are some of the options available on the market:

Irrigation By Macro Irrigation Or Sprinkler 

The water is distributed in the soil under the effect of “rain,” allowing an even and regular irrigation over the entire surface. Sprinkler irrigation can be carried out using two systems:


Indicated for medium to large surfaces, such as lawns or public parks, the sprinklers are rotating emitters that work at medium pressure and can reach a distance between 6 to 25 meters.


Ideal for watering small areas, sprayers or static heads are emitters that work at low pressure and have a reduced range – between 1.5 to 5.5 meters.

Micro-Sprinkler Irrigation 

With this irrigation system, water is distributed in parcels of soil through micro-sprinklers that distribute the water in the form of “rain” or mist. As this is a short-range irrigation system, it is ideal for watering planters, small beds or small surfaces where the total pressure and/or available flow are reduced.

Drop-By-Drop Irrigation

Irrigation is carried out at points in the soil through low-pressure drippers ideally located next to each plant, which distributes the water in the form of a drop. By opting for a drop-by-drop irrigation system, Done Right professionals will be able to recommend the placement of the drip pipes on the surface or underground.

Having read about the types of irrigation systems for your home garden, you can now better decide which one to choose. In case you need professional help, don’t hesitate to contact team Done Right.

Done Right is a team of experienced professionals know for installing and maintaining irrigation and drainage systems all around Florida. So if you, too, need some assistance, knock at us. We are only a click away.

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