Individuals frequently ask me what the contrasts between a scarf, shawl, wrap and stole are

There is by all accounts a decent measure of disarray about these terms and no big surprise as they are as often as possible utilized reciprocally. 

For the individuals who need to be style term canny, here’s the scoop: 

Each of the four terms address completed bits of texture that are worn as a style frill, either as an embellishing component or as a closet fundamental, or both on the double. They can be produced using normal filaments like silk, cashmere, fleece, cotton and material, or man-made strands like acrylic and polyester. They can be square, triangle or oblong formed. 

Frequently for brightening purposes, normal and man-made strands are utilized in a similar scarf; for instance, a metallic gold (man-made fiber) string might be utilized to weave a fleece (regular fiber) scarf. 


The term alludes to a bigger part of texture, typically rectangular, yet in some cases three-sided or square fit that can be folded over the body. Shawls Are worn by people. 

A shawl can be absolutely beautiful, used to complement an outfit, or useful, as in a woolen shawl to keep you warm. A shawl can have a particular reason as in a petition or ritualistic stole. 

They are additionally used to cover exposed shoulders in proper clothing, being brightening and pragmatic on the double. Shawls are additionally produced using extremely light, slim texture like silk chiffon to add a final detail to an outfit, Shawls are a profoundly flexible and reasonable option to anybody’s closet. 


Is basically the same as a shawl, normally rectangular fit. The term likely gets from the old Roman stola, which is the lady’s rendition of the men’s frock. 

The term stole today is generally used to depict a formal or evening shawl, made of a rich texture, regularly not as wide as a shawl, but rather long enough to wrap around the body. Stoles normally are not bordered. 

The word stole is likewise used to portray a wide embellishing scarf that is hung over the shoulders as in a graduation stole or a ritualistic stole. 

A sheer silk evening stole adds class to a proper outfit. 


Is an advanced term which is utilized to characterize everything: scarves, shawls and stoles. It’s anything but an appallingly unmistakable word on account of its free definition, in any case, it’s anything but a word that numerous individuals use these days. 


Can be slight, long and rectangular: think about a common winter fleece scarf that you fold over your neck. It can likewise be square: think about a woman’s exemplary silk Printed scarf or foulard. 

As such, the term is typically used to depict a texture that can be wrapped or tied around your neck for warmth or potentially style. 

Scarves can be easygoing or formal and wherever in the middle. 

Disarray obviously rules as numerous individuals consider an evening shawl an evening scarf, or a fleece shawl a fleece scarf. 

The following is a rundown and portrayals of the assortment of scarf shapes accessible: 

Exemplary Womens Silk Square Scarves or Foulards 

as they are brought in Europe are the conventional ladies’ style scarf and are generally made of silk. An adaptable size around 90cm square can be worn as a headscarf, or around the neck or abdomen, styled from various perspectives. During the 50s and 60s this size was made renowned by Hollywood divas and other popular ladies. 

The silk foulard has made a magnificent return in prominence, and in light of current circumstances. It’s an astounding method to refresh any outfit with style. 

Curiously large Square Scarves 

These additional enormous silk square scarves are roughly 140cm square and are now and again much bigger that can be worn as a headscarf, folded over the shoulders as a shawl, worn around your neck in a wide range of tying methods or worn around the midriff as a hip scarf. To put it plainly, a huge scarf that can likewise be worn as a shawl. 

When produced using fleece they are frequently called cover scarves, intended to be worn as a shawl mantle in the cooler months. 

When produced using silk they become an adaptable expansion to your closet since they can be styled from multiple points of view. 

Long or Oblong Scarves 

are more slender square shapes, normally worn around the neck, styled differently or hung over your shoulders and belted. Not to be mistaken for a shawl or stole, which are more extensive. Produced using fleece, they keep you warm in the colder time of year, suppressor style. Produced using silk, they become an ornamental component to your closet. Styles are made for the two people.

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